2013 - 2014
Undergraduate Catalogue

Course Descriptions

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PS101  Politics

PS102  American Politics

PS301  Asian Politics

PS302  Chinese Politics

PS303  Latin American Politics

PS304  Politics of the Middle East

PS305  Natural Law in Political and Legal Thought

PS306  Politics of Russia

PS314  Public Opinion and American Democracy

PS315  American Political Development

PS316  American Political Parties

PS317  Contemporary Campaigns and Elections

PS318  Media and Politics

PS319  Interest Groups in American Democracy

PS321  Religion and Politics in America

PS323  Gender in American Politics

PS324  State Politics and Policymaking

PS325  Introduction to Public Policy

PS326  Congress: The Legislative Process

PS327  Congressional Politics

PS328  Statesmen and Tyrants

PS329  The Modern American Presidency

PS330  Strategic Intelligence and American Democracy

PS331  Political Responses to Crisis

PS333  Politics and Science: The Biotech Revolution

PS341  Constitutional Law: Power in the National System

PS342  Equal Protection Law

PS343  Crime, the Individual, and Society

PS344  Civil Liberties I

PS345  Civil Liberties II

PS350  Introduction to Comparative Politics

PS351  Third World Politics

PS353  Global Democratization

PS355  Religion and the State in Asia

PS357  The Politics of Globalization

PS359  Approaches to American Foreign Policy

PS360  Transitional Justice

PS364  International Relations through Non-Western Lenses

PS365  International Politics

PS366  International Political Economy

PS369  War

PS370  Theories of International Relations

PS372  Political Pathology: Terrorism

PS374  Thinking Through Terrorism

PS376  International Law

PS379  Studies in the Origins of War

PS380  Platonic Political Philosophy

PS381  Aristotelian Political Philosophy

PS382  Modern Political Theory

PS383  Contemporary French Political Thought

PS384  American Political Thought

PS385  Democratic Theory

PS386  Marxist Political Thought

PS387  Marx after Marxism

PS388  Socratic Political Philosophy

PS389  African American Political Thought

PS391  Historicism

PS392  Sexual Politics

PS395  Bio-Politics

PS396  Politics of Eastern Europe

PS397  Politics of Western Europe

PS398  Contemporary Italian Politics

PS401  Seminar: Research Methods in Political Science

PS402  Seminar: State-Society Relations in Contemporary China

PS410  Seminar: Modern Constitutional Theory

PS420  Seminar: American Political Development

PS468  Seminar: Rousseau

PS469  Seminar: Montesquieu

PS470  Seminar: Tocqueville

PS471  Seminar: The Politics of Spiritual Disorder

PS472  Seminar: Warfare and Human Nature

PS474  Seminar: Eastern Europe between Nationalism and Democracy

PS476  Intelligence, Secrecy, and Governmental Reform

PS477  Intelligence and the Executive Branch

PS480  Seminar: Poland and the Holocaust

PS490  Capstone Project in American Studies

PS499  Honors Thesis Research

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