2013 - 2014
Undergraduate Catalogue

Course Descriptions

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PH005  Electronics and Shop Techniques

PH101  Introductory Physics I with Lab

PH102  Introductory Physics II with Lab

PH110  Physical Science I

PH111  Physical Science II

PH116  Integrated Science I

PH117  Integrated Science II

PH120  Introduction to the Universe

PH140  Structure of the Solar System

PH141  The Stellar Universe

PH150  Energy and Environment

PH155  The Making of the Atomic Bomb

PH160  Light and Color

PH165  How Things Work

PH170  Music and Sound

PH185  Nature of Scientific Inquiry

PH201  General Physics I

PH202  General Physics II

PH271  Introduction to Scientific Programming

PH291  General Physics Lab I

PH292  General Physics Lab II

PH293  Intermediate Laboratory I

PH294  Intermediate Laboratory II

PH307  Mathematical Methods in Physics

PH312  Modern Physics

PH316  Classical Mechanics

PH317  Thermal Physics

PH382  Biomechanics of Sports and Exercise

PH383  Physics of Medicine and the Human Body

PH384  Waves and the Physics of Medicine

PH388  Independent Project in Physics or Astronomy

PH391  Physics Research

PH397  Experimental Methods I

PH398  Experimental Methods II

PH415  Quantum Mechanics I

PH416  Quantum Mechanics II

PH417  Electricity and Magnetism I

PH418  Electricity and Magnetism II

PH480  Advanced Topics in Physics

PH484  Methods of Theoretical Physics

PH493  Advanced Laboratory

PH495  Senior Honors Thesis I

PH496  Senior Honors Thesis II

PH498  Forensic Studies Experience

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