2013 - 2014
Undergraduate Catalogue

Course Descriptions

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AB101  Arabic I

AB102  Arabic II

AB103  Arabic III

AB104  Arabic IV


CI101  Chinese I

CI102  Chinese II

CI103  Chinese III

CI104  Chinese IV

CI150  Chinese in Context I

CI151  Chinese in Context II

CI201  Chinese Composition and Conversation

CI202  Advanced Chinese Composition and Conversation

CI250  Chinese in Context III

CI251  Chinese in Context IV

CI303  Selected Readings in Modern Chinese I

CI304  Selected Readings in Modern Chinese II


FR101  Introductory French I

FR102  Introductory French II

FR103  Intermediate French I

FR104  Intermediate French II

FR161  Comprehensive Beginning French

FR162  Comprehensive Intermediate French

FR201  French Composition and Conversation I

FR202  The Living Language

FR205  Living and Working in the French Caribbean Today

FR210  French Composition and Conversation II

FR303  France Today

FR304  Introduction to Francophone Cultures

FR305  Living and Working in the French Caribbean Today

FR306  The Reel Thing: French New Wave Cinema

FR310  Business French: A Functional Approach

FR316  Exploring the Text

FR330  Introduction to Francophone Literature

FR340  The Text and the Screen

FR350  Sex and Violence/Sin and Repentance: Medieval French Literature for Modern Readers

FR351  French Women Writers of the Renaissance

FR352  French Literary Perspectives I: From the Renaissance to Classicism

FR353  French Literary Perspectives II: Romanticism and Realism

FR354  French Literary Perspectives III: Contemporary Genres

FR358  Topics in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture

FR359  Topics in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture

FR360  Topics in French Theatre

FR361  Topics in French Poetry

FR370  Special Topics in Medieval Literature

FR371  Love's Fatal Triangle: Courtly Love and the Development of Arthurian Literature in Medieval French Literature

FR375  Women's Voices in the Francophone World

FR376  Outsiders in Sub-Saharan Francophone Literature

FR380  Special Topics in French and Francophone Literature

FR381  Advanced French Grammar


GR101  Introductory German I

GR102  Introductory German II

GR103  Intermediate German I

GR104  Intermediate German II

GR144  German for Reading Knowledge

GR161  Comprehensive Beginning German

GR201  German Composition and Conversation

GR202  The Living Language: Techniques of Translation

GR204  German for Oral Proficiency

GR210  Advanced German Composition

GR216  Venturing into the Text

GR250  Business German

GR301  German Culture and Civilization I

GR302  German Culture and Civilization II

GR303  Germany Today

GR305  Dungeons, Dragons, Damsels in Distress

GR309  The Classic German Cinema

GR341  Contemporary German Cinema

GR342  Vienna: Imperial Splendor and Fin-de-Siecle Decadence

GR344  Berlin: The Crucible of Europe

GR352  The Giants of German Literature

GR354  Confronting the Other in Contemporary German Literature

GR356  Enchanting the Listeners: The Art of Storytelling

GR358  Sexual Politics in German Drama

GR359  History and Development of German Business


IT101  Introductory Italian I

IT102  Introductory Italian II

IT103  Intermediate Italian I

IT104  Intermediate Italian II

IT111  Italian Language and Culture I: Rome

IT150  Italian in Context I

IT151  Italian in Context II

IT161  Comprehensive Beginning Italian

IT162  Comprehensive Intermediate Italian

IT201  Italian Composition and Conversation

IT202  The Living Language

IT205  Italian for Business

IT212  Italian Language and Culture II: Rome

IT213  Italian Language and Culture III: Rome

IT214  Oral Proficiency in Rome

IT216  Exploring the Text

IT301  Italian Literature and Civilization I: Origins to Reformation

IT302  Italian Literature and Civilization II: Romanticism

IT303  Italian Literature and Civilization III: Realism

IT304  Italian Literature and Civilization IV: Contemporary Italy

IT310  The Cinema of Italy

IT321  Italy Today

IT322  Italy in Song

IT333  Topics in Italian Renaissance Literature

IT351  Italian Women Writers of the Renaissance

IT352  Dante's Divine Comedy


JP101  Japanese I

JP102  Japanese II

JP103  Japanese III

JP104  Japanese IV

JP201  Japanese Composition and Conversation

JP202  Advanced Japanese Composition and Conversation


ML101  Introduction to European Culture and Civilization I

ML102  Introduction to European Culture and Civilization II

ML111  Study Abroad Immersion Research Project

ML201  Exploring Language: An Introduction to Linguistics

ML205  Living and Working in the French Caribbean Today

ML250  Introduction to Medieval Literature: Selected Languages

ML251  Introduction to Medieval Italian Literature

ML270  Introduction to African Literature

ML285  The Passions of Ancient China: Love, War, and Rectitude in the Classic Literary Era

ML300  The Study Abroad Experience: Independent Study in Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies

ML301  Modern Chinese Literature

ML302  Italian Romanticism and Western Literary Tradition

ML303  Privilege and Prejudice in Modern Europe: The Case of Germany

ML305  Dungeons, Dragons, Damsels in Distress

ML306  Old Wine in a New Bottle: Modern Film and Classical Chinese Tales

ML307  Topics in Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies

ML308  Introduction to Comparative Literature

ML310  Introduction to Traditional Chinese Culture

ML311  Language and Identity

ML320  Liberation Theology from Its Origins

ML322  France Today

ML324  Representations of Women in Premodern Chinese Literature

ML325  Topics in Italian Literature in English Translation

ML327  Myth of Childhood in Italian Cinema

ML330  Bargaining with the Devil: The Faust Legend in Literature, Film, and Music

ML332  Dante's Divine Comedy (in translation)

ML333  Witches, Giants, and Tyrants, Oh My!

ML334  The Continuing Allure of Magic: Fairy Tales from Perrault and Grimm to Walt Disney

ML335  From Dante to Descartes: Readings on the Renaissance and the Baroque

ML340  China through Film

ML341  Contemporary German Cinema

ML342  From Plymouth Rock to Ellis Island: An Examination of Immigration to America

ML352  Universal Themes in Spanish Literature

ML355  The Roaring Twenties in Weimar Germany

ML358  Japanese Thought and Culture

ML359  History and Development of German Business

ML362  The Early Latino Experience in the United States

ML363  Voices Across America: A Symphony of Thought

ML364  The Hero, the Villain, and the Lady: French Theatre of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

ML365  Strangers in a Foreign Land: Seeing Home from a Foreign Perspective

ML371  Love's Fatal Triangle: Courtly Love and the Development of Arthurian Literature in Medieval French Literature

ML375  Women and Men in Twentieth-Century Latin American Literature

ML380  Italy and Italians in Today's World

ML385  Special Topics in Modern and Comparative Literature and Culture

ML392  Introduction to Latin American and Latino Studies

ML399  Special Topics during Study Abroad

ML400  Medieval Studies Capstone Project

ML401  CCLS Capstone Paper

ML404  Another America, Central America

ML426  Foreign Language Teaching Methodology

ML440  Special Topics in Latin American and Latino Studies

ML441  Modern Hispanic American Fiction


PO204  Portuguese for Speakers of Spanish


SN101  Introductory Spanish I

SN102  Introductory Spanish II

SN103  Intermediate Spanish I

SN104  Intermediate Spanish II

SN161  Comprehensive Beginning Spanish

SN201  Spanish Composition and Conversation

SN203  Introduction to Reading Literature

SN205  Spanish for Business

SN210  Advanced Spanish Composition

SN217  Venturing into the Text: Reading Comprehension through Literature

SN301  The Culture and Civilization of Spain

SN303  Hispanic Film

SN304  Contemporary Central America

SN305  Visual Culture in Colonial Latin America

SN306  Literature and Identity Politics in Peru

SN307  Contemporary Spanish Civilization and Culture

SN308  Violence and Culture: Columbia in the Twentieth Century

SN320  Introduction to Spanish Linguistics

SN321  Spanish Phonetics and Phonology

SN325  Spanish Applied Linguistics

SN327  History of the Spanish Language

SN329  Spanish in the United States

SN335  Contemporary Spanish Literature: 1975 to the Present

SN350  Short Latin American Fiction

SN352  The Golden Age

SN354  Contemporary Latin American Literature

SN355  Spanish Postwar Literature

SN357  Spanish Literature of the Eighteenth Century

SN358  A Survey of Spanish Theatre

SN360  Latin American Short Story

SN362  Spanish Literature at the Turn of the Century

SN363  Contemporary Spanish Literature: The Generations of 1914 and 1927

SN364  Spanish Literature of Exile, 1939-1975

SN365  The Latin American Essay and Early Cultural Studies

SN366  Latin American Testimony

SN367  The Short Story in Spain Since 1936

SN368  Travelers and Migrants in Twentieth-Century Colombian Literature

SN369  From Baroque to Enlightenment: Novo-Hispanic Perspectives

SN370  Nineteenth-Century Latin American Novel

SN371  Spanish Short Stories of the Nineteenth Century

SN372  Realism and Naturalism in Spain

SN375  Women and Men in Twentieth-Century Latin American Literature

SN376  Spanish Romantic Prose: Freedom and Social Order

SN377  Spanish Romanticism: Poetry and Theater

SN380  Modernismo

SN381  Latin American Avant-Garde

SN390  Chronicles of Conquest, Resistance and Transculturation

SN391  Travel Writings of the New World

SN392  Extirpation of Idolatries

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