2013 - 2014
Undergraduate Catalogue

Course Descriptions

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CH101  General Chemistry I

CH102  General Chemistry II

CH105  General Chemistry Lab I

CH106  General Chemistry Lab II

CH110  Chemistry and Society

CH114  Global Environment

CH201  Quantitative Analysis

CH301  Organic Chemistry I

CH302  Organic Chemistry II

CH307  Organic Chemistry Lab I

CH308  Organic Chemistry Lab II

CH310  Medicinal Chemistry

CH311  Physical Chemistry I

CH312  Physical Chemistry II

CH315  Physical Chemistry Lab I

CH316  Physical Chemistry Lab II

CH406  Organic Synthesis and Spectroscopy

CH410  Instrumental Methods

CH411  Instrumental Methods Lab

CH412  Inorganic Chemistry

CH420  Chemistry Research

CH431  Biochemistry I

CH432  Biochemistry II

CH433  Biochemistry Lab I

CH434  Biochemistry Lab II

CH498  Forensic Studies Experience


GL110  Principles of Geology

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