2013 - 2014
Undergraduate Catalogue

Course Descriptions

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BL100  Insects in Our World

BL101  Introduction to Forensic Science with Lab

BL102  Medicinal Plants

BL103  Microbes and Man: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

BL104  Twisted Planet: Global Issues in Biology

BL105  Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

BL106  Science of Life

BL107  Life on the Edge

BL109  Modern Marvels of Biotechnology

BL110  Introduction to Forensic Science

BL111  Environmental Biology

BL113  Human Biology

BL114  Biology: A Human Approach

BL115  Biology, Evolution, and Human Nature

BL116  The Chesapeake Bay Environment

BL117  Beans and Bugs: Food Production Implications

BL118  Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology

BL119  Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab

BL120  Loaves and Fishes

BL121  Organismal Biology

BL126  Organismal Biology Lab

BL201  Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity

BL202  Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity Lab

BL206  Human Anatomy and Physiology I

BL207  Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab I

BL208  Human Anatomy and Physiology II

BL209  Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab II

BL210  Introduction to Human Nutrition

BL220  Natural History of Maryland Species

BL222  Aquatic Biology

BL223  Aquatic Biology Lab

BL230  Avian Biology with Lab

BL241  Invertebrate Zoology with Lab

BL250  General Entomology with Lab

BL260  Vertebrate Morphology with Lab

BL270  Ecology with Lab

BL280  General Genetics with Lab

BL281  General Genetics

BL298  Ecosystems Ecology

BL299  Exploring Ecosystems: Special Topics

BL305  Plant Ecology with Lab

BL310  Botany with Lab

BL316  Comparative Physiology with Lab

BL322  Synthetic Biology with Lab

BL332  Microbiology

BL334  Microbiology Lab

BL341  Molecular Genetics with Lab

BL343  Molecular Genetics with Seminar

BL346  Plant-Animal Interactions

BL347  Plant-Animal Interactions Seminar

BL350  Biology of Mammals with Lab

BL351  Forensic Entomology with Lab

BL361  Plant Physiology with Lab

BL390  Conservation Biology

BL392  Conservation Biology Seminar

BL393  Conservation Biology Lab

BL401  Endocrinology

BL403  Neurobiology with Lab

BL405  Neurobiology

BL406  Endocrinology Lab

BL410  Developmental Biology with Lab

BL411  Developmental Biology

BL420  Histology

BL424  Cancer Biology with Seminar/Lab

BL426  Cell Biology

BL427  Cell Biology Lab

BL431  Biochemistry I

BL432  Biochemistry II

BL433  Biochemistry Lab I

BL434  Biochemistry Lab II

BL435  Evolution with Seminar

BL436  Evolution

BL440  Special Topics in Biology

BL444  Stem Cell Biology with Lab

BL449  Integrative Human Physiology with Lab

BL452  General and Human Physiology with Lab

BL454  Animal Behavior

BL455  Animal Behavior Lab

BL461  Immunology with Lab

BL467  Seminar: Career Choices

BL470  Seminar: Special Topics in Organismal Biology

BL471  Seminar: Special Topics in Ecology, Evolution, and Diversity

BL472  Seminar: Special Topics in Cellular and Molecular Biology

BL473  Special Topics in Forensic Biology

BL481  Biology Research I

BL482  Biology Research II

BL491  Honors Biology Research I

BL492  Honors Biology Research II

BL498  Forensic Studies Experience

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